DBCSS (Database Customizable Search Solution)

DBCSS transform any database or data warehouse into a search repository. You build your search engine from your own data and set your own rules to match your business.

We are introducing the concept of Search Analysis; with your entire database or data warehouse available through a search box, there is no limit to reporting, no dimension/facts to channel your analysis.

How does it work?

If you are a company or organization, you sign up on our web site, we send you an invite with a link to download all components. You download and setup DBCSS following the supplied instruction documents and you are good to go.

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  • Creation of multiple logical or physical repositories
  • Unlimited selection of database, Tables, views or columns to include in repository
  • Unlimited size for your data repository, customer must scale the system as data size increase
  • Create aliases for each database physical or logical objects to enhance search results
  • Integrated ranking management to calibrate search results
  • Integrated network and internal security
  • Manage security at repository and data unit level
  • Customizable search interface and search results
  • Embedded search API
  • Graphical Word trending to see and analyze search history
  • Multi version support

System Requirements

  • No equipment to buy
  • No specific expensive hard disk/ memory specification.
  • Web Server:IIS 7 with .NET 2.0 or higher, Apache (In implementation)
  • Databases: SQL Server 2005 or higher, MySQL (In implementation)


Screen shots

Search home page

Search home page: User is able to search all across repositories have access to all repositories with a single click.


Search trends

Trends Page: For each data repository, trends are aggregated to generate a report showing what keywords users are searching and search frequency.


Search results


Advanced Search

Search results: The result page show results across all users' repositories. Option is given to narrow results to a specific repository; with automatic build-in data links user can quickly navigate to others applications.


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