About us

Intelliverb is the contraction of words intelligent and verb.

We are a team of highly qualified software engineers with long history of large data manipulation and proven track record in complex applications. We use advanced data mining, complex associative algorithms and highly scalable computational treatments to deliver a full content search engine.

The idea of a full content search engine is to implement a system that looks at each page on the internet with the same rule, similar to what human eyes and brain does when you look at web sites. Human defines relevancy of a page mostly base on its content. More than often popularity plays a minor role in our decision making when searching for something.

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Team - Founders

Olivier Keumeni  - CEO & Chief Architect

Olivier stays late to ensure that products works and makes coffee for everybody.

Venkat Chivukula  - COO

Venkat is in charge of the shop and bends over backwards to keep our customers happy.